February 2024 Community Forum Highlights

GrantStowell Domo Employee
edited March 5 in Community Announcements

Hello Domo Community! 

Last month’s highlights are another example of the top-tier collaboration and support found within our community. We’re excited to share what you’ve been able to accomplish and shout out some members and discussions that stand out!  

Before we begin our highlight dump, we want to say just how ecstatic we are to see you in person at Domopalooza 2024! If you haven’t signed up already, don’t miss out on all the fun and register here. We have a community-specific event planned for Wednesday evening at Domopalooza. See you then! 

Leaderboard Top 3 

Shoutout to MarkSnodgrass and ColemenWilson for crushing the leaderboard this month – and beating out the usual leaderboard winner, GrantSmith (did you go on vacation or something)? It’s refreshing to see the leaderboard get mixed up every now and then. We can already feel the competitive air brewing...who will be on top in March?

  1. @MarkSnodgrass: 729 points 
  2. @ColemenWilson: 633 points 
  3. @GrantSmith: 535 points 

Top 3 Posts 

Of the many daily discussions, these stood out as some of the best. Follow the links and show these community members some love by leaving them a reaction. 

Huge shoutout to the following community members for asking such great questions and finding even better answers: @MarkSnodgrass, @ColemenWilson, @ArborRose, @DataMaven, @DavidChurchman, @PJG, @Jones01, @MichelleH, @Kathy_Zyn, @Zoolander

Top Ideas 

The Domo product is always improving because of your ideas. Below are the most popular ideas posted in February. Click the links below and give these ideas additional upvotes to increase their chances of getting implemented into Domo. 

Congrats to these community members for coming up with innovative ideas: @sobo, @MarkSnodgrass,

Newest Coaches 

Seeing folks climb the ranks in the Community is always a pleasure. This is why we’re delighted to see @DataMaven, @DavidChurchman, and @ArborRose hit Coach status back-to-back-to-back in less than a week. This is a huge milestone in their Domo journey that required countless hours of analyzing, understanding, and resolving questions. We’re lucky to have them here to spread Domo expertise among our community. Congratulations to you three! 

Community Member of the Month (CMM) 

When selecting the CMM for February, @ArborRose clearly stood out. He has been an active community member for a couple of years now but came in with exponential energy in February. Last month, ArborRose decided it was time to take things up a notch and started flooding the forum with solutions. Many users felt his efforts as he participated in over 55 discussions and had 25 best answers. He earned 491 points in one month alone! As mentioned before, ArborRose made such an exceptional effort that he was able to climb the ranks and finally take his rightful place as a community coach. ArborRose is more than deserving of the title of CMM. Congrats, ArborRose, and thank you for all you’re doing for our community.