Edit Bar Charts more dynamically


I was hoping we could begin using Color rules a bit more dynamically. I was hoping we could assign color rules to different fields in the Card. For instance, elements that are not being used in the Bar chart but elements outside as well that are impacting the Bar chart directly

For instance, if I have 3 variables in the filter section. Lets say the month variable. The variable s can be "this month'", "last month" and "this month last year". I want to be able to add color rules to these variable even though they are not a part of the x-axis, y-axis or series part of the Bar chart.

This would mean as the months progress I would not have to manually update the color scheme I choose. Currently. I need to do that each Month as illustrated in the picture below

Here the "Test" Column sits in the Series part of the bar chart and is filtered by a beast mode. If I could add the color rule to the beast mode, I would not have to change the color each month and it would be more dynamic.

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Great use case. It is no fun changing the name of the column every month. We added this to the backlog. Thanks for the suggestion.