Create Nested Beast Mode that nest more than two levels

Can we have it that we can nest beast within each other for more than two levels? I would like to create a beast using another beast mode and then use that to create another beast mode. The way I understand it, domo does not let us do this.

For instance,

beast mode 1= CASE WHEN 'column a'= '1' THEN 'column b' END

beast mode 2= 'beast mode 1'*1000

beast mode 3='column c'/'beast mode 2'

Currently I am unable to do this.

I am hoping we can do this using beast modes as it would make things a lot easier!

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  • If we could nest beast modes 5-10 levels, that would make it way easier for us to write complex formulas.

    It would also be great if we could click a button to unnest the beast mode so we can see what the full formula looks like without opening it in a new window.


  • CASE WHEN 'column a'= '1' THEN ('column c'/('column b' *1000)) END

    This seems to belong in the question section, rather than the ideas exchange.

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  • Matt Tannyhill
    Matt Tannyhill Contributor

    sobo we hear you! Thanks for this feedback. Adding support for nesting calculations multiple levels deep is something we are looking into for the future.

    Matt Tannyhill

    Domo – Product Manager

    Data Analysis & Visualization

  • sobo
    sobo Member

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you so much! This will help a lot

  • Sam_Donabedian
    edited April 8

    With respect to Nested Beast Mode, would love the ability to allow calcs to reference beyond one level. 

    I am referring to overcoming the current limitation noted in the following FAQ:

    Can I reference a calculation that is already referencing another calculation?
    No. At this time, calculations can only reference up one level. This means that if Calculation A is being referenced by Calculation B, Calculation C cannot reference Calculation B. However, any number of calculations can reference Calculation A.

    My team is a big fan of nested beast modes and have hit the current limitation a number of times.

  • Matt Tannyhill
    Matt Tannyhill Contributor
    edited April 8

    Hey @Sam_Donabedian, it looks like this is a duplicate of this previous post. Thanks for posting though and sharing your feedback!

    Matt Tannyhill

    Domo – Product Manager

    Data Analysis & Visualization