September 2023 Community Forum Highlights

GrantStowell Domo Employee
edited October 2023 in Community Announcements

Hello Domo Community! 👋

Another outstanding month has come and gone for the forums! Every day, we see new faces on the forum asking intricate questions and you all show up to bring them the answers. This month's average time to answer was 21 minutes, which is ⚡️lightning⚡️ fast when compared to the three-hour industry standard. Here are some highlights to show just how amazing you all are! 

Leader Board's Top 3 

The Domo Community Forum Coaches have struck yet again! These top three users are competing for leaderboard face each month. We’re excited to see some new users climbing and giving them a run for their money. Congrats and thank you to these three who have collectively answered 113 questions this month.

  1. @GrantSmith- 955 points 
  2. @ColemenWilson- 571 points
  3. @MichelleH- 476 points 

Top Posts 

With the many discussions happening each day, these ones stood out as some of the most active. Follow the links and show these users kuddos by leaving them a reaction. 

Huge shoutout to the following users for asking such great questions and finding even better answers: @Laura_M1, @MichelleH, @ColemenWilson, @dkonig, @swagner, @jtrollinger, @MarkSnodgrass, @marcel_luthi, @Tung, @GrantSmith

Top Ideas 

The Domo product is always improving because of your ideas. Below are the top voted ideas. Go and give some additional upvotes to the ideas you think deserve to be implemented into Domo.

Congrats to these users for coming up with innovative ideas: @Support, @sevans_ate_9, @Fabio Ferragina

Newest Contributors 

Climbing the ranks is never easy, but these newest contributors certainly made it appear so. Congratulations to our newest Contributors -- we've got our eyes on you.

Newest Coaches 

September brought us two new coaches to join the ranks! As we continually mention, hitting coach status is a huge milestone in the community member’s journey. These individuals have shown us what it takes to achieve greatness and motivate us to be like them!

Community Member of the Month 

Well, we all saw this one coming. It wasn’t a question of if Grant Smith would be the CMM at some point, but when! Every month since we started doing the community highlights, Grant Smith has been at the top of the leader board. The number of questions Grant answers in a single month is greater than most will answer in a lifetime. In the month of September, he answered 79 questions and 54 of them were accepted as ‘best answer.’ If there were a Domo Hall of Fame, Grant’s face would be plastered on every wall. Give him a shoutout in the comments below to let him know just how awesome he is!