October 2023 Community Forum Highlights

GrantStowell Domo Employee
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October has been a spectacular month for the Domo Community. Our average response time was an astounding 19 minutes. 🤯 Thank you to everyone who contributed to the forum this month. Whether you’re the one asking the questions or answering them, you add value to this community! 

Leader Board's Top 3 

It would seem we’ve awakened a sleeping giant! The king, Grant Smith, has been dethroned at the hands of Mark Snodgrass! Mark thought Grant was getting too cozy being #1 every month so he decided to flood the forums with responses during October. All jokes aside, we can’t express just how impressed we are with these users. Each of them performed above and beyond what any of us thought possible. They deserve their spots on the leaderboard! 

  1. @MarkSnodgrass - 1,128 points 
  2. @GrantSmith - 859 points 
  3. @ColemenWilson - 713 points 

Top 3 Posts 

With the many discussions happening each day, these stood out as some of the most active. Follow the links and show these users some love by leaving them a reaction. 

Huge shoutout to the following users for asking such great questions and finding even better answers: @muhammadtalha, @jessdoe, @ArborRose, @marcel_luthi, @yogesh_1, @MarkSnodgrass, @GrantSmith, @ColemenWilson

Top Ideas 

The Domo product is always improving because of your ideas. Below are the top-voted ideas. Go and give some additional upvotes to the ideas you think deserve to be implemented into Domo. 

Congrats to these users for coming up with innovative ideas: @Jones01, @Manish, @dnewc, @user14268

Newest Contributors 

Climbing the ranks is never easy, but these newest contributors certainly made it appear so. Congratulations to our newest Contributors -- we've got our eyes on you. 

Community Member of the Month 

October’s CMM is a Domo favorite! Paul James is one of the most promising Domo users to grace the community. He was named ‘Rookie of the Year’ at Domopalooza 2023 and has lived up to that title! Paul became a contributor in September and has been racking up points fast. Last month, he earned 311 points, answered 28 questions, and received 17 accepted answers. Paul also contributed 4 new ideas to the Ideas Exchange and asked 3 questions on the forum. We appreciate everything he’s done and look forward to seeing him continue to flourish in the future. If he keeps it up, we may be welcoming a new community coach into the fold soon! Congratulations Paul! 

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