Box Connector Ownership change - can't run dataset


Hi all,

We've changed ownership of some datasets that utilise the box connector - when I run the dataset (I am owner, my account is added and I'm an owner of the file in box) it shows within history that the dataset has run succesfully but the data hasn't updated and the overview tells me it was last run 4 weeks ago.

Does anyone have any idea how to troubleshoot?




  • MichelleH

    @Jordantm Have the credentials for the account changed? If so, can you confirm that that Box account has the same access as the previous one?

  • Jordantm

    Hey Michelle, yes credentials have changed and yes the box account has the exact same credentials - I seem to be having issues just with the box connector in general as I can't even create a successful new connection.

    My current workaround is to convert the box file to g-sheet and use the Google connector then switch over all cards and ETLs (bit of an annoyance but hopefully not going to cause too much of an issue)