Is there a way to duplicate a drill path across cards?

I have a relatively complicated drill path that I would like to duplicate across a large number of cards. Is there a way to do this without manually recreating the drill path on every single card?


  • The short answer is no, but there is a workaround.  


    If you like your drillpath simply duplicate the card and recreate the main card chart as you go.  Typically (at least I have found this) the drill paths are a bigger pain to create especially if they are heavily formatted table representing some sample of your "end data."  Charts and graphs are simple in comparison to duplicate.

  • Yeah, my cards are all already built. I just am in the process of painstakingly duplicating drillpaths across the cards. Very tedious. This needs a real solution.


    My colleague also just pointed out that if you like a fancy drill path you have created, there is also no way to make it into a standalone card without recreating it from scratch.


    The drill path workflow needs some development love baddly. Everyone is on here complaining about colors and color coding while I am wasting hours recreating the same drill path over and over.

  • I know this is a huge topic in the ideas exchange, you should head over to there, find the most upvoted version of this topic and contribute another.


    With regard to your issue of making a liked drillpath a "standalone" card I have accomplished this without recreating the whole thing by copying the card and changing the main card to a pie (or other) graph that is the count value of an inserted constant.  It also helps if that count can also correspond to your summary number so it is not confusing.  See attached; I have a really complex drill path so I just created a beastmode that inserted the constant "Companywide" and made a pie chart counting that column which, incidentally, corresponded to the total number of loans.


    Not perfect, but much better than spending precious time duplicating a complex drillpath.  

  • Thanks for the advice. I think for now I will need to just grind them out. Hopefully this feature can be added soon.

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