Dataset and Card Validation

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We're trying to decide on a process for dataset and card validaiton so that end users can see department approved metrics and know they are the source of truth for the information they're reviewing. Is there anyone who has a defined process they wouldn't mind sharing?


Cards so far:
We have sandbox tabs for card discovery and discussion. Cards aren't moved to appropriate locations until they are considered "ready". We are not yet, but are considering posting a named manager approval line and date to the description which would signify its validation.


Datasets so far:
Most of our data comes from SQL and we generally validate it before it even moves to Domo, but Magic ETL and MySQL Dataflows allow for needed data manipulation, but it's not necessarily reviewed prior to use on any particular card. To keep things consistant, I would do the same sort of thing for cards except it would be the data owner's approval line and date added to the description field.



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    Can anybody help @tc out?



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    Your approval process for Domo cards is ideal and I would suggest the same process for Dataflows to be consistent.

    While a detailed documentation method is not included within Domo, using the Comment field should allow the necessary notations.

    We would like to hear from other Domo users how they are handling this type of card and dataflow management.

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    Thanks for the vote of confidence in our propossed workflow!  It will add clarity around cards beyond their tab locations.


    The other part of a "Quality Approved" process is the data upload.  I'm sure Domo's workbench tool does data upload validaion, but I don't see any formal documentation that states something like, "Domo Workbench ensures that the data pulled successfully from the connection is verified as the same data that is present on the hosted site."  Our quality department views this as a more important point than the validation of cards used, which is a reasonable view to take when you consider that their job is to ensure accuracy not usability.

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    @tc  I think the FAQs for WB4 will help you:



    This covers things like encryption, access control and validation:


    "Workbench validates data and securely transfers data to Domo."


    if you need addtional insights please let me know.

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    @tc, tagging you in case you have not seen alexpeay's reply.

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    I'd like to know if this has not been resolved with the certification process in Domo?