can you download a user list with access rights?

How can you see a list of all users with their emails, access rights, etc?  Without this, how do I filter out all the domo people, etc?




  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    Hi all,

    Can anybody help @juscook009 with their question?


  • nalbright
    nalbright Contributor

    I do not know of a place where this list can be downloaded, even though it can be viewed from the admin page.  This may be a possible request to make for an export feature for admins.

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  • Godzilla
    Godzilla Contributor

    They have a canned page support can enable in your instance that will enable you to do this. Contact support and ask them to enable the Domo Metrics tab. They have bunch of charts around users (by role, login time, etc) that will be helpful.

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  • cmarkum
    cmarkum Contributor

    It isn't available at this time but there is a request in the Ideas page to create a dataset/page with DOMO security information. If possible, find the topic and like it so we can get more traction on this request. For audit purposes, it is a necessity for us.

  • cmarkum
    cmarkum Contributor

    I apologize. I didn't read the last post that this is available but must be requested. It would still be nice if there was a dataset that we could use to create our own dashboard.

  • @cmarkum is this the idea you were referring to? If so, then everyone else can review it and vote it up as needed.


    If not then please share the link to the idea in question.






  • kshah008
    kshah008 Contributor

    @juscook009, did any of the above replies help address your question?

  • sgray
    sgray Member

    I submitted this request through support and recieved the following:

     At this time, the Domo Metrics DataSets are being retired in favor of the Domo Stats DataSets.

    I was able to register for the Domo Stats DataSets in open Beta by completing a survey.

  • DataMaven
    DataMaven Contributor

    I have the Domo Metrics tables, and have created some dashboards.  I noticed that you mentioned wanting to know how to tell who are Domo Employees and who are not.  In the original Domo Metrics tables, there was a field which flagged them.  If that is not there, you can definitely use the ending of their email addresses, and make a column which identifies them.  


    I also found a little trick of using the 'Employee ID' Field in the profiles to categorize people further, with a webform as a lookup table.  If you may have an issue with people changing it, you can make a lookup table by email address, and include any categorizations you would like.  


    Enjoy!  These are really fun metrics to play with!

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