May Community Forum Highlights

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Hello Domo Community! 

It's June! ☀️ Which means it's time to post the May Community Forums highlights. Follow the discussion, ideas, and user links to contribute to May's hot content 🔥

Leaderboard Top 3

We love seeing the monthly competition. @david_cunningham knocked @GrantSmith and @ColemenWilson out of the top spot for the first time in a long time. Huge thank you to all of you!

  1. @david_cunningham 1.4K points
  2. @GrantSmith 523 points
  3. @ColemenWilson 475 points

Top 3 Posts

Of the 303 discussions that were had in April, these three got a lot of views and engagement. Follow the links and leave a reaction if you found them helpful too.

Shoutout to the following community members for asking and answering our top discussions this month: @user027702 @MattTheGuru @ArborRose @Zel @david_cunningham @MichelleH @DashboardDude @Jarren

Top 3 Ideas

The Domo product is always improving because of your ideas. Of the 60 ideas posted in May, these three got the most votes. Click the links below and give these ideas additional upvotes to increase their chances of getting implemented into Domo. 

  1. Add True Card View reporting
  2. Continually show tabs in app based on user attributes
  3. Make exporting, user comments, and real time collaboration possible within app studio

Congrats to these community members for coming up with innovative ideas: @ellibot @SherryR @thampton10

May Community Member of the Month

@Sean_Tully has shown up in May! @Sean_Tully answered 29 questions this month. Sean has received over 25 positive reactions in May (likes, agrees, insightfuls), so we know @Sean_Tully's content is valued! Thank you for your contributions to the Forums. We're getting excited to add you to our Coach club here soon ✈️

Like this post if you've been enjoying the monthly Community highlights. And make sure to congratulate @Sean_Tully in the comments below 🥳


  • david_cunningham

    Congrats @Sean_Tully ! Love seeing your insightful and helpful comments 😁

    David Cunningham

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  • Grant.Stowell
    Grant.Stowell Domo Moderator

    @Sean_Tully, has been a total beast! Thanks for supporting the community. 🤝

    @david_cunningham, those numbers are criminally high! Might be the most points we've seen anyone earn in a single month. Congrats friend!