BenSchein Domo Product Manager

As an active Community member perk, we will be providing insider sneak peeks for the features we will be releasing on Wednesday May 22nd 🥳  

A little bit about DomoStats: DomoStats allow users to explore insights into how their team is using Domo. DomoStats is powered by a live Domo Dataset (no configuration required!). Easily build cards, alerts, and workflows around the metrics you want to see. 

We’ve got a few new DomoStats reports for this month’s release. 

H2: Roles, Role Grants, & Group 

With the new Roles and Role Grants reports, combined with the People report — Major Domos can see which roles are assigned to each user and which grants each user has. Major Domos can audit their users for appropriate privileges.  

With the Group Owners report — Major Domos gain insight into group ownership, including ownership by individual users and/or other groups. Both of these DomoStats reports provide additional visibility and governance to your Domo environments. 

H2: DomoStats: Group Members Report beta 

Previously, users lacked a dataset indicating which users are members of which groups. This report will provide users with a list of groups and their members. This will help Domo Admins track group membership and can be especially helpful when combined with other DomoStats reports like the People report, Card Permissions report, and Dataset Access report. 

@DanBrinton is my Product Manager for these areas and can chime in with more information and answer any questions.

Please note these features are subject to change and could lead to a delay in its deployment for an unknown amount of time. 



  • Ashleigh

    Thank you for adding more Domostats reports, especially around grants! I cant wait to see these 🤩

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