April 2024 Community Forum Highlights

anna.yardley Community Forums Manager
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Hello Domo Community! 

How is it already May?! Nonetheless, it’s time to post the April Community highlights. The Community has been growing steady over the course of the last year, and it’s showing! Discussions, posts, and reactions have 4x what we’ve seen in the past. And every single question asked on the Community Forums within the last year has gotten an answer. That is ZERO unanswered questions in the past year! We will be celebrating this accomplishment with the Community in the near future. Stay tuned.  

Leaderboard Top 3 

This month’s leaderboard is not a shocking list, but we never overlook your efforts! Huge thank you to some of our Community’s KEY members. You are so helpful. 

  1. @GrantSmith 530 points
  2. @ArborRose 519 points
  3. @ColemenWilson 382 points

Top 3 Posts 

Of the 289 discussions that were had in April, these three got a lot of views and engagement. Follow the links and leave a reaction if you found them helpful too.

Huge shoutout to the following community members for asking such great questions and finding even better answers: @Jones01 @ColemenWilson @pauljames @david_cunningham @Utz @jessdoe @GrantSmith

Top 3 Ideas 

The Domo product is always improving because of your ideas. Below are the ones that got the most votes. Click the links below and give these ideas additional upvotes to increase their chances of getting implemented into Domo. 

  1. ETL snap to grid 
  2. Expanding Beast Mode to Formula 
  3. Magic ETL Tiles groups for clearer organization 

Congrats to these community members for coming up with innovative ideas: @Kunal @erikjamesmason @DashboardDude

April Community Member of the Month 

@david_cunningham, we have felt your energy since you joined the Community Forums at the beginning of this month! In less than a month, @david_cunningham started from zero points and ranked up to be a Contributor. At this rate, you’ll be a Coach in no time 😉 @david_cunningham, thank you for contributing to the Forums! We’re excited to have you and see what you do next. 

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