Domopalooza Cloud Amplifier & Magic ETL Feature Release

AnnaYardley Domo Employee
edited May 16 in Product Releases

We are excited to announce enhancements to Domo's Magic ETL and Cloud Amplifier tools.

Magic ETL

Magic ETL is Domo’s secret weapon for building data pipelines with ease. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, Magic ETL makes it easy to clean and combine data without knowing SQL.

In this release, enhancements have been made to both the Magic ETL History Details and Action Summary features. A graph view is now available in the History Details, and several new sorting options have been added to the Action Summary. The new sorting options include start time, end time, duration, name, status, action type, and create data. Debugging a dataflow is now less time-consuming as users can pinpoint errors and analyze executions more efficiently, alleviating ambiguity and confusion. Access the new features on the dataflow overview page by clicking into the History tab and then either the green or red (Success or Failed) button in the history of executions list. The graph view will be on the subsequent page and appear above the Action Summary list.

We have also made an update to the Group By tile in Magic. Users can now choose a new option when defining how a column should be aggregated in the Group By tile. Create an aggregate column that includes a list of distinct values rather than having to choose just the first/last value, a count of items in the aggregation, or a non-distinct list of values. While only a minor update, this enhancement will improve the overall experience of using Group By in Magic.

Cloud Amplifier

Domo Cloud Amplifier is a hybrid architecture that establishes a seamless integration with an organization’s existing cloud and data infrastructure. It allows organizations to use Domo’s data experience platform without moving or duplicating data within an existing data infrastructure. Unlock the value of data clouds and add the flexibility and speed users require, with the security and governance that IT demands.

In this release, we are happy to announce new capabilities within Cloud Amplifier:

  • GA: Cloud Ampifier + Google BigQuery: OAuth is now available, in addition to the already-available capability to read and write data back to BigQuery.
  • BETA: Cloud Amplifier + Dremio: In addition to the already available ability to read data, users can now write data back to Dremio.
  • BETA: Cloud Amplifier + Snowflake: The combined power of Domo Cloud Amplifier + Magic ETL with processing pushed down to Snowflake is now available.
  • Cloud Amplifier Configurable Data Freshness Checks: A newly added refresh rate feature has been added.

To learn more about these feature enhancements, read up on the latest release notes.