January 2024 Community Forum Highlights

GrantStowell Domo Employee
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2024 is starting strong with an amazing first month for the Domo Community! It’s time to recognize the amazing contributions you all made and celebrate some outstanding individuals. Over 120 questions received answers, and the average response time was 25 minutes. Thank you all for continuing to solidify the legacy of this remarkable community! 


Save the date for our next community event! It’ll be a Domo Demo Slam competition between our fiercest community coaches. Come show your support and bear witness to some of the Domo Community’s greatest minds at work. Click here to register for the showdown event on February 22nd @12:30pm ET. 

Also, in case you missed it, we had an amazing community meetup last month about Workflows. Click here to learn from one of Domo’s very own how to make Domo Workflows work for you!

Leaderboard Top 3 

We have some incredible talent here in the Domo Community, and you never cease to amaze us with your ability to provide quick and accurate answers. These three legends collectively answered over 80 questions. That’s more than half of the questions that were asked last month! The Domo Community thanks you for consistently raising the bar for what greatness looks like.

  1. @GrantSmith: 732 points 
  2. @ColemenWilson: 534 points 
  3. @MarkSnodgrass: 244 points 

Top 3 Posts 

Of the many discussions happening each day, these ones stood out as some of the best. Follow the links and show these community members some love by leaving them a reaction. 

Huge shoutout to the following community members for asking such great questions and finding even better answers: @ColemenWilson, @pauljames, @DavidChurchman, @jtrollinger, @MichelleH, @Ashleigh, @Abe, @ST_-Superman-_, @ArborRose

Top 3 Ideas 

The Domo product is always improving because of your ideas. Below are the ones that got the most votes. Click the links below and give these ideas additional upvotes to increase their chances of getting implemented into Domo. 

  1. Add option to Trellis/Tiered Date Settings to continue cumulative totals  
  2. Maintain tile position when copy and pasting Magic ETL tiles  
  3. Card-based Alerts Email Notifications: Add direct link to card  

Congrats to these community members for coming up with innovative ideas: @jessdoe, @JasonAltenburg, @Craig_Lynch

Community Member of the Month (CMM) 

Our CMM is someone who always shows up for the community when we need it the most. She certainly has quite a reputation, having been a community member for almost four years now. @Ashleigh is one of our OG coaches on the forum and has a knack for answering questions with a level of detail that shows just how knowledgeable she is in Domo. In January she participated in 19 discussions and received best answer for 12 questions. We can’t thank her enough for her constant support of the community!