Card-based Alerts Email Notifications: Add direct link to card


Currently, the email notification for Alerts based off of a card contains a preview of the card that isn't clickable and a "View Alert" orange button that is clickable. When the "View Alert" button in the email is clicked, the user is brought to the card, but the card is obscured by the "Alert History" box that's superimposed on top of the card. The user has to click the X to close this "Alert History" box in order to view the the data in the card. Please add a more seamless route to the card details view to Alert notification Emails. Since the emailed preview of the card doesn't include all of the data, the user has no choice but to go view the card in Domo. It'd be nice if they didn't have to figure out how to close out of Alert History before being able to view the card.

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