Cards displaying today when set to yesterday - possible time zone setting issue


Our local time here is 6 hours behind UTC. We have a card that is set to display "yesterday" and it is a datetime column. I checked the card at 5:55 PM and it was displaying [yesterday's] data, then I checked it again at 6:01 PM and it was displaying [today's] data. So it seems like the "yesterday" in the card calendar section is based on UTC instead of our time.

In the domo admin section, our company setting is set to UTC. This is done with the assumption that Domo expects the data coming in to be in UTC, and since the data coming in is in our local time, we wouldn't want Domo to subtract 6 hours from the data coming in if we set our company setting to central. Does this sound correct?

My personal profile and the card creators personal profile are set to central/chicago

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


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