November 2023 Community Forum Highlights

GrantStowell Domo Employee
edited December 2023 in Community Announcements

Hello Domo Community! 

With November here and gone, it's now again time to highlight some of the outstanding users. We saw some impressive efforts made by several of you, so every person mentioned in this post deserves a massive round of applause. Our average response time was barely over 17 minutes last month and each of you contributed to make that possible. Thank you!

Leader Board's Top 3 

It seems like @GrantSmith wasn’t too pleased about coming in second in October, so he made an even greater effort to blow the competition out of the water and secure his title as number one on the leader board for November. We also had a Domo first this last month — there was a tie for second place! That’s right. @ColemenWilson and a new face, @jessdoe, racked up the exact same number of points. We’re not too worried about making a tiebreaker so you both get to claim second place this time, which makes @MarkSnodgrass our lucky number three! 

  1. @GrantSmith - 710 points 
  2. @ColemenWilson & @jessdoe- 529 points each 
  3. @MarkSnodgrass- 402 points 

Top 3 Posts 

With the many discussions happening each day, these ones stood out as some of the best. Follow the links and show these users some love by leaving them a reaction. 

Huge shoutout to the following users for asking such great questions and finding even better answers: @lawiti, @MichelleH, @pauljames, @trafalger, @GrantSmith, @phesson, @jessdoe, @ST_-Superman-_, @Gulraiz, @ColemenWilson,

Top 3 Ideas 

The Domo product is always improving because of your ideas. Below are the top voted ideas for the month of November. Go and give some additional upvotes to the ideas you think deserve to be implemented into Domo. 

Congrats to these users for coming up with innovative ideas: @sn_dgalley, @Samuel., @StevenJRowe, @user010473, @ColemenWilson

Newest Contributors 

Climbing the ranks is never easy, but these newest contributors certainly made it appear so. Congratulations to our newest Contributors -- we've got our eyes on you.

Community Member of the Month 

Our CMM for November blew us away with the amount of effort they put into giving timely and accurate responses. @jessdoe came out of nowhere last month and started answering questions in quick succession. She had multiple back and forth discussions with users trying to narrow their problem down to its core issue. Out of the 33 answers she gave, 31 of them were accepted as solutions. If that doesn’t speak volumes to the accuracy of her comments, then I don’t know what will. @jessdoe is a certified Domo pro, and if she keeps up the good work, she may just be our next community coach. Comment below if @jessdoe answered one of your questions and give her a well-deserved congratulations.