DOMO Card Variable access via API

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I created a DOMO Variable to filter metrics by period-to-date values across several Cards. These Cards are embedded and displayed together within our product's UI on the landing page (no filters shown).

The variable functions as expected within DOMO. How am I able to call this variable through the API as I would a regular embedded Card filter so end-users can make period-to-date selections through our product's UI?

Pages showing the Variable Control are not an option as the PTD filter is part of our UI. Want to avoid creating a new Card for every period for the same metric.

Also related, looks like variables do not function through pfilters:

Thanks for any guidance here.


  • ellibot
    ellibot Contributor

    Hi @ryans1,

    Are you embedding individual cards, or an entire dashboard in your product's UI? I've successfully been able to embed dashboards with variables in them using Domo Everywhere. Is there a reason you would need to call the variable via API instead of simply allowing the user to use the selector in the UI?

  • ryans1

    @ellibot Thanks for the quick reply. These are individually embedded Cards within our app rather than Pages showing any Variable controls. Pages would simplify the process drastically because you just throw up the control and you're done.

    The API requirement is because users enter their time-frame selection through our app's in-house selector/control in the UI rather than DOMO's.