Enable pfilters for Variables

marcel_luthi Coach
edited October 2023 in Variables Ideas

While it's possible to use pfilters to pass parameters to cards and pages via URL, this does not seem to work with the Variables recently introduced, although visually they appear in the filter var when you apply them at the page level. This would allow a higher degree of control when creating links to navigate between different pages for additional insights.

Variables are supported in Domo Embed, but seem not to be currently supported by pfilters.

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  • AnwarBham
    AnwarBham Contributor

    This will be a great addition

  • This is a must! And then also pass the variable as filter to OnFilterUpdate() in Domo (DDX) Bricks.

  • DomoDork
    DomoDork Contributor

    100% agree here. pFilters for variables and for OnFilterUpdate() would be HUGE and go a long way towards more dynamic and reusability of cards/dashboards.


  • Thanks for this feedback, we are working on a solution as part of App Studio to allow creators to set up persistent filters/variables to persist across app pages.