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Hi All! Hope you enjoyed my demo in the first ever Domo Demo Slam today. Here is a link to it if you missed out: As promised, here is the step-by-step write up to replicate what I've done in my instance. Enjoy! P.S. this is version 1, version 2 will include more data exploration options for end users.

1. Set up the Domo Governance Datasets connector:
2. Choose the 'Datasets' report from the Domo Governance connector available reports

3. Create a new dataset using the DataSet via Email Connector: and choose the following settings:

4. Build a table card with the following fields (or more, up to you!): Name, Description, Owner Name, etc… In my demo there is a field called "System" that we have created using naming conventions for our datasets. This could also be accomplished using dataset tagging. There are a few fields available in the connector such as: Type, Display Processing Type, and Data Provider ProcessingType that could be used as well. Create quick filters for the Name and Description so end users can search for terms related to the data they want. NOTE: following strict naming and dataset description processes will ensure this works efficiently.
5. Create a beastmode that will be used for end users to click to request access to the dataset:

CONCAT('<a href="mailto:emailAddressFromYourEmailConnectorInStep3?subject=New%20Dataset%20Access%20Request:%20',`Name`,'&body=Access%20has%20been%20requested%20to%20',`Name`,'. Here is a link to the dataset: ',
'',`Dataset ID`,'/details/overview . Please share the dataset with the sender of this email.','"></a>Request Access')

6. Add the above beastmode to your table card. When an end user clicks the link for the beastmode in the table card it will pre-populate an email requesting access to the dataset. When they send the email, a row will be added to the dataset you created in step 3.
7. Use a dataset alert to notify you when new requests have been submitted. Each request will create a row in the dataset from step 3. You can create a dataset alert to let you know anytime a row is added:
8. OPTIONAL: use a writeback connector to push the requests into Smartsheet, Salesforce, etc…

Here is what your end result card will look like:

And there it is! Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!

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