How to reference a Beast Mode in antother Beast Mode


I've seen this in Ideas Exchange, and it sounds like it's coming, but it's not here yet?

What's my alternative for now? In my database, I have an attribute that contains values from 1 to 10. I need to invert these in Domo, and I have a simple beast mode which does that (1=10, 2=9, 3=8, etc.). I now need to reference that beast mode in another beast mode to perform a simple sum calculation.

If I drag my invert beast mode into my sum one, it pulls in the entire code. Is there a way to make this work?

As always, I am not an expert, and an ELI5 is very much appreciated! :)



  • Ashleigh

    @PJG if its not something that will be impacted by filters then you can add that specific beast mode as a formula in an ETL and then use that field in a beast mode. Formula tiles make it easier to reference actual columns and not just the code.

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  • PJG

    Hi @Ashleigh Thanks for the reply. I haven't delved into ETL at all yet, so probably a lot of learning for me there, but I did just manage to get the code working with my entire invert code within my score code. Something I couldn't get to work yesterday, but probably just user error! :) I see ETL being referenced a lot, so probably something I should learn sooner than later. Thanks!

  • GrantSmith

    @PJG Magic ETL dataflows are a great way to enhance your data efficiently especially in such cases as yours where you can translate one value to another and have that value then accessible to all your cards.

    Domo's Knowledge Base has some good articles on Magic ETL. I'd recommend you start there to learn more about Magic ETL.

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