Aggregate Count While Still Filtering By Time

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I want to make a pie chart out of the following rows where a row value is based off the count (not just 1). The rows are grouped by time. The table looks like the one below. The problem is the chart doesn't aggregate Success to 12 but leaves them as separate series Success 5 and Success 7 in the legend. I have multiple status conditions so how would I aggregate them while still being able to filter by time? I tried the Bucketing data page, but couldn't get it to work properly.

Time | Count | Status

12:00 | 5 | Success

8:00 | 7 | Success

12:00 | 5 | Fail

8:00 | 7 | Fail

12:00 | 5 | None

8:00 | 7 | None


  • Gabriel

    I have taken some time and found the solution so here it is for anyone wondering.

    WHEN Status = 'Success' THEN `Count`

    WHEN Status = 'Fail' THEN `Count`

    WHEN Status = 'None' THEN `Count`