WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK: What topics would you like to see at Domopalooza 2024?

AnnaYardley Domo Employee
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Planning for Domopalooza next year is underway and Domo wants to cater sessions towards the Community wants and needs.

Help influence Domopalooza 2024 content by answering any of the following in the comments below:

  • What topics would you like to see covered at Domopalooza next year?
  • What features would you like to learn more about?
  • What are your top challenges in Domo right now?

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  • kensie_rowell

    All of what has already been stated!

    I'll add: building a governance model from scratch and creating / maintaining data driven cultures.

  • kendallruber

    In person but still record sessions for those who can't make it!


    • New visuals coming to the platform with examples
    • More active sessions
    • Ways to automate PDP administration

  • Stefano
    Stefano Member
    edited August 2023

    First of all I agree, in person is a must with recording available for those who can't make it and to review again yourself :)

    Secondly, I also would like to have more technical know how sessions and deep dives with actual examples instead of just show and tell presentations.

    Workflow automation that perhaps goes beyond the Domo ecosystem (e.g. workflow that leverages write back connectors to other systems?)

    Updates on Cloud Amplifier and Domo's connectivity to Microsoft Azure. Multi cloud? What is possible? How would it look like? What are requirements/prerequisites?

    Lastly, the challenge we have is being able to impersonate a user. It would be great as an admin to impersonate a user to review users issues and also test out their dashboard access or PDP policy.

  • Oleksii


    • What topics would you like to see covered at Domopalooza next year?
      • Domo Governance best practices
      • Data Distribution options (Domo Publish)
      • Real time data integration
    • What features would you like to learn more about?
      • Domo App studio
      • Chat GPT integration
    • What are your top challenges in Domo right now?
      • Security grants decoupling
      • Adding API calls from Bricks (including impersonation)
      • Ability to launch multiple funcitons in Code Engine
      • Improve Data science package

  • amehdad

    If format is still online, would be great to have localised breakout sessions in person (depending on geography), offering access to interact with new features and updates.

    Definitely would like more showcases around the "how" of Domo improving businesses across wider industries.

  • MichelleH

    As others have mentioned, I definitely agree with going back to in person and showcasing the "How". It would also be helpful to have a session on how to solve the most frequently asked problems that users ask about in the Community Forum.

  • jroach
  • jroach
    jroach Member
    edited August 2023

    • What topics would you like to see covered at Domopalooza next year?
      • Design and best brand design management.
    • What features would you like to learn more about?
      • App Development Studio
    • What are your top challenges in Domo right now?
      • More efficient design tools and something akin to Cascading Style Sheets or custom design templates.
      • Adding Color/ fonts / style / background to cards 1-by-1 is laborious and prone to human error.
      • Login as user for Admins to assist users.
      • Content Management

  • MarkSnodgrass

    Definitely interested in seeing more about app studio.

    Would like to see more about the office add-in and how someone has really taken advantage of it besides adding a single card.

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  • Joe_M

    In-person event.

    Pre-conference certifications & training.

    The aforementioned Genius Bar/on-site tech support that can troubleshoot issues.

  • DashboardDude

    Also requesting in person.

    I'd love to see a panel or Domo Innovators or something so people know who to ask in the community for what.

    John Le

    You're only one dashboard away.

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  • roxanaboboescu

    Agree with the others that in-person would be great! Would like to see workshops during DP beginner to advanced. Would like to hear from other customers how they manage requests and also instance cleanup as somebody else mentioned.

  • JasonAltenburg

    1 & 2: AI Services Layer, Apps, Workflows.

    3: Viz: Formatting, looking for more design, border, formatting options for cards and dashboards. Numbers to string with formatting, or some sort of dynamic number formatting with the Variables product would be great.

    Looking forward to DP24!

  • ArborRose

    It took me a bit of effort to figure out how to export Domo data to SQL (without the ODBC driver). I solved this with a python script that reads from Domo and writes to MS SQL.

    This is a solution I believe the Domo community would like to see.

    • How to create and run a python script (for non programmers)
    • Configure the client ID in the Domo developer portal
    • Configuring a Base64auth token
    • Schedule the python script
    • Automate an export to csv (Excel)
    • Automate an export to SQL
    • Explain how emails can be automated based on data

    Scenario : consider a company's lost opportunity for a sale. In Domo, an ETL identifies opportunities that did not produce revenue. This information is exported to SQL on a daily schedule. The SQL database is the backend for a dot net application which handles information related to the opportunity. The application's users are not the same as our Domo users. The results of that application are imported back to Domo for further reporting.

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  • sbutterbrodt

    Great ideas! I agree that I would love to be in-person for 2024. There is so much more value gained when you are able to meet and interact with other Domo users between the courses.

    I am always inspired by the real customer use-cases to learn how others are utilizing Domo and the challenges they have faced. Keep those examples coming!

    App Studio, AI, Data Science, Bricks

  • Theresa M

    Yes to in person please!

    I love the highlights of new products and how others are using Domo but I, too, would like to see some more technical/in-depth sessions on existing products.

    More info on data science and predictive analytics

    How to reign in your environment and ensure the integrity of all your content.