How to stop a dashboard's background change from impacting charts

Our end users strongly prefer a dark mode layout on their desktops and mobile apps. We're running into a issue that sounds minor, but it makes the cards unreadable on the dash if we use any dark colors for a background.

Here's the standard dash, white background, default backgrounds for the chart. When they hover their mouse over a stat, it's easy to read:

When I change the background to black the data label colors are changed to white when you hover over a metric and can't be seen:

The chart settings utilize a light grey fill and the font was set to black, but it's still being overwritten. It happens if the card's background is transparent or identical to dashboard.

Since these chart cards take up 90% of the space on the dashboards setting them all to white kind of defeats the purpose. I know it sounds minor but this kind of thing really impacts the overall experience.

This has to be a bug I'd imagine? Are there any settings somewhere that would fix this?

Thank you!


  • I'm not surprised if you are having trouble as I have found changing background colors to be problematic. I believe there is hope in the coming months with the release of App Studio that was shown at DP23.

    However, I tested changing my dashboard background to black and the card background to black and left the hover text settings at their default configuration and it adjusted properly for me.

    I would try resetting your chart properties and see if it handles the black background properly.

    Hope this helps.

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  • "Problematic" is spot on.

    I had the same experience with single series charts, they work just fine. But I can't seem to find a workaround for a chart with multiple series. In our world we rarely use single series charts. We're almost always comparing/contrasting products, teams, or other metrics.

    In this example, I've got a chart showing production (Y axis) by week (X axis)

    No series works fine like you mentioned:

    Same chart with a series, default view:

    My main issue is if you highlight one of the series, the rest can't be read. The only exception is highlighting an individual week:

    It'd be really nice to be able to see all the values at a glance. They can't really glean much insights if they have to highlight every single block one at a time.

    The fix seems to be:

    • Prevent font changes on a page from impacting cards
    • Allow users to change the default color for unselected parts of the chart. (From grey to black for example)

    Bummer there isn't a fix, but you did just gain a new YouTube subscriber at least! As always Mark your insights and help are greatly appreciated.

  • I see what you mean in the series for the non-hovered bars in the series. I would start with a support ticket and see if they acknowledge it as a bug. If you don't have any luck with that, I would submit it as an enhancement in the Ideas Exchange and see if it gets incorporated into the future.

    Glad you are enjoying my videos and thanks for becoming a subscriber!

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    **Make sure to <3 any users posts that helped you.
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  • Will do, thanks Mark!