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I'm having a problem with the Calendar card. It's supposed to display the count by day using data from the last 6 months. However, I keep getting a warning saying that not all the data is shown.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to handle this? Maybe there's something I'm overlooking in the ETL process that could help filter the data?

Thank you!


  • @MycahD This warning usually occurs when the dataset used to power a card has a very large amount of rows. Are your values just coming from a simple count or is there other logic you're using in this card?

  • I've run into this a few times with slicer cards.

    One thing you can try (depending on your data) is messing around with the sort. An ascending/descending sort by count or sum of a group sometimes does the trick and doesn't affect the integrity of the card data.

  • MycahD
    MycahD Member


    This card is powered by a COUNT - but it is a large amount of data as it requires visibility over 6 months:

  • You may need to pre-aggregate your dataset in an ETL as there's too much data for the chart to display.

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