Faceted Bar Chart Labels

I'm using a Faceted Bar Chart to show a conversion metric for sales. It's probably my favorite chart I've used so far and really scratches an itch my end users have had.

It's pretty basic, it has a sum of opportunities, a sum of sales, and the resulting conversion. My issue that I'm having is the label on the right side of the chart. I can't seem to get it to cooperate:

The max for Opportunities shows 40k in the label, but the max on the chart is 354 which seems a little high. : )

The label for Sales is showing as a percentage instead of a number.

I set Conversion as a percentage, and the Sales sum and Opportunities sum as numbers in the categories. I set Show Label to Never, and Synch All Scales is off.

Is this a bug? Any tips on getting the labels to cooperate, (or even better) how to hide the label on the right?



  • I tested with my faceted chart and it does seem like a bug that it is not letting you hide the value scale using the show label option.

    As far as working with what you have, what macro/value do you have in the data label settings? Whatever you are displaying in the black box inside the bar with the data label settings should be what you want to have in the y-axis. This way the bar will match what is displaying on the label and the scale on the right will match.

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  • Opportunities is summed on the card, (1 or 0 in the dataset), formatted as a number.

    Evaluations is summed on the card (1 or 0 on dataset), formatted as a number.

    Opps/Evals is a Beast Mode that divides those sums, formatted as a percentage.

    I agree that it's likely a bug, it would explain why the labels behave differently on similar cards.

  • My understanding of the faceted bar chart is that it is good for combining charts that are measuring the same thing. In this case, it looks like you are measuring three different things at once. Since the top two are both looking at a count of opportunities or evals, those will probably work okay in a faceted chart, but I think the problem is coming from the last value. I would explore other chart types, or consider breaking this data into multiple cards to deliver this information.

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  • @ST_-Superman-_ Fixing the Hide Label feature would solve this. But if you have suggestions on a good chart for a conversion metric I'm all ears. Delivering this via multiple cards isn't really viable for our situation.

    If I had a bar chart that could do this I would be over the moon:

    I can show conversion on a chart, but displaying counts is just as important for my users. As far as I know, this faceted bar chart is about the closest I can get.

  • You can do something like this with a Symbol + Stacked Bar chart

    You can also just view it for a single time period:

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  • @ST_-Superman-_ Thank you for the suggestion! I don't think it'll work for us as the data frequently overlaps and hides the conversion numbers:

    But your suggestion prompted me to look at Line Bar, and this one seems to fit the bill. I wouldn't have looked at it without you suggesting the first one so many thanks!

  • @Backslash

    You can also use the chart properties to only label the datapoints for the line if that makes it cleaner. Another option to increase visibility would be to make the line thicker.

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