Card Lineage


A previous question asked how to find the dashboards that use a given card. The answer pointed at using Domo Governance reporting. Surely there's an easier way to connect the dots. If I open a dataset, there's a "cards" link that shows me the cards that use the dataset. When I click on one of the cards…is there no way in that screen to find the parent objects using that card?

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  • trafalger

    As far as I know, the only way to do that is by linking the Cards and Pages dataset to the cards dataset to the cards and data datasets.

  • Ashleigh

    @ArborRose there are ways to get more information using the admin settings but governance/domostats datasets are usually easiest to connect all the dots since its all broken out in admin settings. There are some premade quickstarts in the appstore that may be useful as well.

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