New Dataflow Run Options

Looks like Domo has silently updated trigger options for dataflows (hopefully its not silent and they tell people, I think it just got to my instance about an hour ago so hoping I am just early and more details will come out soon).

I love this idea but do feel it is a bit clunky and requires a lot more clicks but I need to test it out more.

I did notice this one inconsistency that could be annoying.

When you click "Save and Run" while editing a dataflow and go to when datasets update it gives you details about the datasets.

But if you are not in edit mode and go to the settings tab there are no details about the inputs

Has anyone else tried this? thoughts?


  • Also it is not very intutive but for a manual update you just have to remove a trigger if there is one. I kept thinking Manual Update would be an option in the dropdown with Dataset Update and Schedule Options.

  • jimsteph
    jimsteph Contributor

    Good catch! It appeared out of the blue this morning, but I was working on an ETL that is triggered by other datasets finishing, so I didn't notice there was no option for manual trigger. I think you just saved me from pulling more hair out.