Exporting Card to PowerPoint only Displays First Page of Data


When trying to export a card to PowerPoint, the export only contains the first page of data (see example).


  • MichelleH

    @swilliams If you need the data to be in a PDF you could try exporting to Excel and then re-saving the .docx as a .pdf file

  • JacobFolsom
    JacobFolsom Domo Employee

    @swilliams PPT exports and Scheduled Reports are designed to be a screenshot rendering of a card and have a limitation of fitting onto a single page, which with long table cards will cut off the table.

    Couple of thoughts moving forward:

    When you send/export a card to print to PDF, the table gets larger, but still limits to one page

    Campaigns (premium app) allows for custom email content - data attachments or inline content like larger tables that can be customized in size if the need is to export/push reports outside of Domo users.

    Microsoft Office Add-Ins could also be an option. When looking at a table, you can preview as a data table, or render as an image, if it's very large, it will be bigger than a slide but is still scrollable.

    @MichelleH 's idea is one workaround option as well to get the table into Excel (this could also be done using the export or the Excel add-in (if this is a regular process) . This same notion could be accomplished using the Excel add-in

    Generally I find that sharing tables is best accomplished through Domo pages that have some interaction, or embedded content if you want a more branded interactive feel, Campaigns app if you want a pushed report with some control over the layout, or a data extract.

    It generally depends on who the audience is for reviewing the table.

    Hopefully this is helpful

    Jacob Folsom
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