Formatting Fiscal Year and Quarter columns

I am trying to format a column that labels 'FY23' and 'Q1' based on a Period date. What would be the formula to create this? I know Quarter() and Year() functions work but how would I use those functions to format it in the way I need to see it? Thanks



  • kivlind
    kivlind Contributor

    We maintain a date lookup table that we leverage across multiple datasets that tells us the specific things we need to know about our fiscal year, like quarter, week number, prior year, etc. that would be relevant across all dates. It can be a little work to ramp up a table, but the payoff is there. A join on the date through magic ETL will give you just about any naming conventions you might need.

  • @gbrown I second @kivlind's suggestion of using a date lookup table. Domo also has a Fiscal Calendar feature, which allows you to group card data by fiscal period: