Numbers disappearing on bar charts with small bars


Hi, I have a dashboard with a Grouped and Stacked bar chart. Oftentimes when one of the bars is very small, the data label disappears and only shows when hovering over the bar or legend.



Ideally the data labels need to appear by default. No matter how much fiddling around with the chart properties I do I can't seem to get the labels to consistently show. Any ideas are appreciated.


  • AKnowles
    AKnowles Domo Employee

    I thought that there was an option to show even when overlapping, but I am not positive if that would assist in this instance. If this is not available, I would suggest taking this to the Ideas Exchange to get this upvoted to be implemented as product enhancement. Here is a link to the page:

    If this a suggestion above helps the customer resolve the issue on their end, please provide the outcome of this case for addressing any future issues that may arise.