DOMO Display Name reverting back

Hi DOMO Team -

Question regarding the DOMO Display Name.

when we update the DOMO Display name, we notice that some changes gets reverted back.

We updated around 79 names and there are about 12 of them that keeps reverting back.

For example, we updated Jim Redfield to James Redfield, after a couple of days, it would revert back to Jim Redfield.

is there a reason why DOMO reverts the Display names back?




  • @WorldWarHulk do you know if your instance has SSO enabled? If so, it could be reverting back based on what is in your active directory system used for SSO.

    The user may also be changing it.

  • Hi @Ashleigh

    yes we have SSO enabled but it is not reverting to what is in the SSO as well.

    It is reverting to the initial name they were entered in DOMO.

    we updated 79 names and for some reason there are 12 that keeps on changing back.

    and doubtful that people is changing them, I am also on the list and I am not reverting it back as well.

    We are really wondering why it's doing that... not sure if DOMO is pulling the name from a cache somewhere...?

  • Hi @Ashleigh

    We fixed the SSO names to try the fix

    but DOMO still reverts the names back...

  • @WorldWarHulk that seems like odd behavior, I would put in a ticket with support to see if they can figure out what is going on.

  • McSQL
    McSQL Domo Employee

    Agree with Ashleigh's comment. I haven't seen this behavior before.

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