Help with Converting Time Zone - 'DateTimeOffset' to 'DateTime' in SQL Connector

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Hey everyone,

I'm having trouble with a conversion from DateTimeOffset to Datetime in a SQL Query (inside a SQL connector). I am trying to convert my date columns when they are imported in DOMO as UTC so they are coming in as the right time (Db is UTC, Domo is Pacific) and convert them to DateTime.

When I run 'ValuationDateNew' query, I get the right time zone but it's a 'text' column. When I try to CAST or CONVERT that into a DateTime, the 'AT TIME ZONE' function doesn't seem to work properly. Here are the queries I'm using:


    ,([ValuationDate] AT TIME ZONE 'UTC') AS 'ValuationDateNew'

    ,CAST(([ValuationDate] AT TIME ZONE 'UTC') AS DATETIME) AS 'ValuationDateNew_CAST'

    ,CONVERT(DATETIME, ([ValuationDate] AT TIME ZONE 'UTC')) AS 'ValuationDateNew_CONVERT'

Has anyone run into this before? Any ideas on what to do?



  • ElliotGitter

    I figured it out:

    CAST((([YourDateColumn] AT TIME ZONE 'Pacific Standard Time') AT TIME ZONE 'UTC') AS DATETIME) AS 'YourDateColumn'