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Hi all,

I am trying to create a formula in ETL that deals with the null values in multiple columns. So far, no matter what kind of formula I use, I am unable to get the blanks filled in

Here is what I am trying right now based off of all of the other posts I have read

Again, nothing is turning up XYX like I would expect. I am still getting blanks in the data when I run this dataflow.

**I have tried = null, is blank, else 'xyx' and nothing is filling in.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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  • GrantSmith

    It sounds like your data might actually not be null but an empty string. Try something like this to handle empty strings and strings with just spaces:

    WHEN COALESCE(TRIM(`Building Status`), '') = '' THEN 'XYX'

    coalesce returns the first non-null value in the parameters supplied. This forces null values to be an empty string.

    TRIM strips all whitespace (spaces, newlines) from the start and end of a string. This simplifies the check for string values which are just 1 or more spaces.

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  • damen
    damen Contributor

    Beautiful. Thanks for the help.

    Really awesome btw.

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