beast mode for specific date range


CASE WHEN `end_date__c` >= '1/01/2021' and `end_date__c` <= '12/31/2021' then `2021` else 0 end

getting an error message

Calculation Error : A column in this calculation did not exist.


  • Ashleigh

    @kodonnellLT is 2021 a column or is it in single quotes? Try removing any column fields are re-adding them by double clicking from the column list.

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  • GrantSmith

    You're using backticks (`) for your 2021 value and not a single quote to denote it's a string (')

    CASE WHEN `end_date__c` >= '1/01/2021' and `end_date__c` <= '12/31/2021' then '2021' else '0' end
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  • MarkSnodgrass

    I'm assuming 2021 is a value and not a column. If so, you put single tics around it, which domo thinks is a column called 2021. Remove the tics around 2021 and it should work. Alternatively, you could rewrite it as this:

    CASE WHEN YEAR(DATE(`end_date__c`)) = 2021 THEN 2021 ELSE 0 END

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  • kodonnellLT

    Thank you for your help. Now I'm trying to find the results of a survey only for the dates of 2021

    CASE WHEN `end_date__c` >= '1/01/2021' and `end_date__c` <= '12/31/2021' then `answer value` *1' else '0' end