Magic ETL v1 Update


We wanted to share a planning update and a correction to an earlier communication that was made about the end-of-life plan for Magic ETL v1 dataflows as part of Domo’s Summer 2022 product release. 

We continue to see strong momentum with the adoption of Magic ETL v2 dataflows. Since the general availability of Magic ETL v2 in fall of 2021, we have seen thousands of new Magic ETL v2 dataflows created by our customers, indicative of the value they offer through new functionality, ease of use, and significant scale, performance, and efficiency improvements. As we continue to innovate and offer additional capabilities with Magic ETL v2, a vast majority of customers now default to exclusively creating dataflows using Magic ETL v2.  

While we acknowledge that the strategically planned lifecycle of Magic ETL product is to eventually end-of-life Magic ETL v1 and migrate toward the performance, feature, and economic benefits of Magic ETL v2, we understand that there are in some cases complex data-pipelines our customers leverage on Magic ETL v1 that need to be carefully upgraded and validated. This brings logistical timing constraints into play on what it will take for you to make the switch, or perhaps other reasons why you would want to pace out transitioning to the newer version.

We want to confirm that we will not be turning off the ability to create new Magic ETL v1 dataflows with the Summer 2022 Domo product release. Additionally, we are not setting a prescriptive timeline right now on when we would stop processing Magic ETL v1 dataflows. Magic ETL v1 executions will not be paused by Spring 2023 as announced earlier.

We want to thank you for your continued support and appreciate the passion and feedback to help us innovate and make our platform better. Internally, we have reviewed our processes on how we can further improve our release and communication process going forward. We thank you for being a Domo customer!

If you have any additional questions, ask them below in the comments.