Calculated Fields - Pipedrive ID's


Hi, I am pulling in data from Pipedrive and need to use Calculated Fields to convert Pipedrive Field ID's into text. Is there a way that I can do this once instead of doing calculated fields for each metric?


  • GrantSmith


    You can utilize a Magic ETL with the Alter Columns tile to convert the datatype of each of your columns and then use that in your cards instead of using beast modes / calculated fields. This way it's only done once and you can build your cards off the converted dataset instead of creating multiple calculated fields.

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  • louiswatson

    Hi Grant,

    Below is an example of one Calculated Field that we need to use to convert field ID's into text, can these types of conversions be carried out in Alter Columns or would this be something different?



      WHEN `Planning Consent_1065c3`='449' THEN 'Normal'

      WHEN `Planning Consent_1065c3`='450' THEN 'Onerous'

      WHEN `Planning Consent_1065c3`='602' THEN 'Acceptable'







  • MarkSnodgrass

    You would want to use the formula tile in Magic ETL to do this type of conversion. If your list is quite long, another option would be to create a lookup table with a Domo Webform or a spreadsheet that has your IDs and the name you want them to be changed to. You would then use the Join tile in Magic ETL and join your main dataset with your lookup table. This allows you to updated the lookup table if new IDs are added or changed without editing your ETL.

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