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I'm trying to create a formula within ETL that will help budget owners understand how their expenses will be accrued over time.

Ex: There's one Purchase Order that has $10,000 left to invoice, and the PO end date is July 31,2022. Our accounting team would expense them evenly for $2,500 for April - July. So I'd need to create 4 additional columns (April, May, June, July) within ETL that includes the $2,500 value.



  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    instead of adding columns, consider adding rows.

    consider trying to create an 'accruing_schedule' dataset that says

    accrument_date, original_receipt date, po_id, po_id_accrument no, PO_amount, accrument_amt

    so if your PO_amount was 10,000 and it was to be accrued over 4 months

    you'd duplicate the row 4 times, you'd increment the accrument_date for the first (or last... whatever) day of each month. 10,000/4

    po_id_accrument no



    PO123_0622 etc.

    that way you could filter accrument_date in the last 6 months and say "this is how much we accrued in the last 6 months across all your POs

    if you UNION transactions, make transaction date the same as the Accrument Date and you can filter on activity_date in the last 6 months and have a column for expenses and accrument.

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