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Is anyone else having this issue with Course Builder? I have a video I made and have added it to the page type "Multi Video". When I am in course builder the video looks fine but when its published it gets an error. I made another page with type "Single Video" and used the same video and when published it worked. So using two different pages and the same video somehow gives me one working and one not working?!

Here are some screenshots

In Course Builder - Multi Video Page uses video UsingBuzz

When I press play while in Course Builder the video works

But when I press play in my published app I get this error

Now here is the same video but on a different page type in Course Builder

Now here is that page in my published app (it works here)

Makes no sense why the same video would work on one page and not the other!


  • @DataMaven Have you seen this error at all ?

  • Here's my current find and replace list for the json. I don't have the multi video one, but if you search for amazonaws in your json files for your courses, you will know there is an issue there.

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