Need Similar Column names for different connectors



I have two different connectors and I am trying to eliminate creating a seperate flow by having a similar column between different connectors.

Eg: Dataflow_details has dataflow_id and dataset_details has dataset_id.

However, none of them have the same column in each. Is there way to join the connectors or do so on card level that I can get the dataset_id in Dataflow_details columns?





  • Ashleigh

    You might be able to use Dataset Views. On the card level you can't have two datasets but if you are just trying to get them to use the same name for page filtering purposes I usually just make a beast mode called the name of the column from the other dataset and then in the beast mode put the column you want to change.

    If you have 2 cards (one for each dataset) you could create a new BM called ID and in each card just put dataflow_id or dataset_id in the BM.

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  • GrantSmith

    Hi @swap700

    You might try looking into the new Dataset Views to append/union your datasets together. You can also use it to rename columns.

    The data needs to be of similar types. My question is what are you trying to solve by getting these IDs in the same column? Are you wanting to combine all of the similar information into a single dataset and ignore the rest?

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