Admin unable to run update on GoogleSheet Dataset


Recently, a fellow Admin user attempted to run a manual update of a GoogleSheet that has been succesfully updating since October. The GoogleSheet in question and the Domo dataset it powers are owned by another user with Privileged access. 


The Admin in question (who also has access to the root GoogleSheet) changed the login credentials, which caused subsequent updates to fail with the message "Domo is ready, but you don't have access to the associated account. Please contact the account owner and have them share the account with you."


When I attemped the same (as an Admin), changing the login credentials, I received the same error. When the owner (Privileged) of the GoogleSheet/dataset changed the credentials, the dataset was able to run successfully. 


I've been using Domo for ~2 years, so I'm familiar with many aspects already. That being said, I'm curious about two things.:

(1) If an Admin user has access to a GoogleSheet owned by another user, are they unable to run an update to that dataset when switching credentials to themselves?

(2) Is there a reason why Admin users cannot see which credentials are connected to the dataset, instead receiving the message "You do not have access to the account that powers this DataSet"? 


  • The issue here is not who is running the dataset but the owner of the dataset does not have access to the account that holds the credentials. So there are two opinions,  you can do go into the account section of the Datacenter  and share the account in question with the person that owns  the dataset. 

    The other option is  to change the owner to the dataset to the same person that owns the Account