Heatmap Tables & Column Sorting

And probably for just regular "Tables" as well..


Not that im exciting to jump into looking at an Excel card within DOMO, but, how come there isnt a way to sort the column headers? or am i missing it?




I am creating a heatmap table with with 4 columns - Month, Requests, Leads, Cost


That is how i want them sorted - but the Table card automatically sorts the Column Headers in alpha. order so its Cost, Leads, Month, Request - this i dont want, but I cannot seem to find a way to sort them the first way and how I want them to be displayed.




  • Godzilla
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    When you Edit the card, on the bottom left side where the columns are listed, you can click on the little square icon in front of each field name and re-arrange the fields by dragging them up or down. 

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  • nick_datasift
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    I've run into this issue as well and have used a Beast Mode calculation as a workaround by assigning numbers to the text values in the field in the order I want them to sort. In your example:


    CASE WHEN `field name` = "Month" THEN 1

    WHEN `field name` = "Requests" THEN 2


    WHEN `field name` = "Leads" THEN 3


    WHEN `field name` = "Cost" THEN 4


    ELSE 5 END


    Field name in the back ticks is whatever the name of the field you are pulling in. Once you save this it will became a field available that you can bring into your report in the sort and will sort numerically in the order you assigned them.

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    @michaelscott, did any of the above replies help address your question?

  • thanks for the replies!


    will check them out this week and post back.


    thank you

  • kshah008
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    @michaelscott, great! Please let us know ?

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    @michaelscott, hope you were able to work it out!

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