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Is there any reason a Domo score should drop? Mine dropped about 15 points in one day and I am just curious as to why it would drop all of a sudden after it has been increasing steadily. 

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    It's funny you mention that. I was looking at my team's scores the other day.

    I really don't see a rhyme or reason to the scoring methodology.  I'm our Major Domo and lead the company in a couple of the profile scoring components, with 100% profile complete, and have a score of 79.  My boss, who leads none of the components, has an incomplete profile, and has an 88.  He had a score of 100 and it dropped, as did mine.  My coworker, a new guy, also has an incomplete profile, leads in no categories, and has a score of 81.

    It doesn't really make sense to me.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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