Using SQL Query to create cards.


How to create cards using Oracle SQL query i.e. I have a Oracle SQL query which I can use to create the card. Where I need to embed the SQL to create the visualization using that?


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    If you have a SQL query, you probably want to use Domo's Workbench application to connect that query output to your Domo instance. Then you can schedule the query to run at regular intervals and update the data upon which your card will be built.


    Workbench is usually installed on a server that has a DSN configured with Oracle connection information.  Pretty much like you'd have on Oracle SQL Developer.


    This is how we have a LOT of our data set up since we're an Oracle shop.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • user06393

    Thanks Aaron for the reply.. Now here there is a situation.. I have all the database installed on a different machine which I access using VPN (remotely), so how can I connect myworkbench to that server? As Iam also not allowed use/ install any external tools in that machine. Any light you can throw as to how we need to go ahead about the same?

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    Also Aaron, is there any sample database which I can connect to check SQL query implementation using DOMO.Also is there any way to get the data in a separate DB server (which we connect using VPN) to DOMO?

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    As Aaron mentioned earlier, you'll have to create a DSN/ODBC entry on your machine to create the connection to the DB server. then you can use that ODBC connection in Wokrbench to connect to the DB.

    Domo Arigato!

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