Facebook dataset importing stalled



I've been trying to import a dataset through the Facebook Advanced connector but for some reason it's stalled on the 'importing' status. Can someone please advise? Thanks!


  • Hi @user07312!


    What report are you pulling, and what is the timeframe you're looking to pull down from Facebook? Also, did you specify a backfill period when you deployed the dataset? 


    Depending on the amount of data in the report and the timeframe you're looking to pull down (Longer timeframe means slower run time), you could see importing for quite a while. 


    Also, the Facebook API connector is very popular in Domo, so if it's being heavily trafficked, you could see some slowdown from that as well. 


    Hope this is helpful!

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  • Hi!


    Thanks for your reponse that's super helpful. I was trying to full the Complete Page Post Insights report from FB's cloud app from 01/01/2017 to date. When I opened domo this morning, it pulled properly ?