can we highlight cells in domo cards?



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    Are you referring to cells in a table visualization?

    Domo has two types of tables and both can be highlighted in different ways


    • Sumo tables - Like a pivot chart.  Cells can be conditionally highlighted (above or threshhold or eqal to a certain value, for example)
    • Table cards - A simple data grid. Cells can be highlighted using HTML/CSS in beast modes.  For example, turn a cell background green if a ratio of over 0%.  Turn text red if a transaction type is 'Return'.  This option is much more flexible but requires more technical skill.

    If the second option sounds like something you want to consider, you might try perusing the Dojo for HTML posts. For an example, in our manufacturing facility we want to call out machine downtime occurrences if they reach a certain threshhold, which we do with the following beast mode:


    WHEN `NumberOfDowntimeEventsShift` > 3
    CONCAT('<div style="font-size: 18px; background-color:#e65655; color:#ffffff; width: 100%; height:100%; margin:-40px; padding:40px">', `NumberOfDowntimeEventsShift` , '</div>')

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