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kbota Contributor

As an Admin, is there a way for me to view a card or a page as another user would see it? I would like to test that some of my PDP policies are set up the way I want them to and it would be ideal to not have to check in with every single user and ask them to look at the card and tell me what they see--instead, it would be nice if I could pseudo login as them or view a card as them so that I can verify that what I intended for them to see with a PDP is actually what I accomplished with a policy.


Any thoughts? Anyone know of a way to do this, or should this be flipped over to an idea submission?



  • AS

    To my knowledge there is unfortunately no way with PDP to impersonate someone, but we've wanted the same thing for the same reason.  You can click on the eye icon on the policy to see how many of the original dataset rows are left.  With publication groups you can view a page as someone else clicking on a similar eye icon on the access group.

    If you don't find this idea in the ideas exchange, please do add it and post the link here. My guess is Domo knows of this request already, but more people wanting it will boost the attention it gets.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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  • kbota
    kbota Contributor

    I did not see this specific idea in the Ideas Exchange, so I have added it (see below link):



    As you said, I am sure Domo is aware this is a needed functionality, but it does not hurt to have others weigh in as well!