how do I get data from different datasets on one card?


I have a bar graph showing total labor hours worked by facility year over year. Month is my category, total hours worked is my value, and year is my series. I want to add another series that is the revenue which will show me the corolation between hours worked and sales. However my revenue data is in a different dataset from my labor hours. Any ideas?


  • AS

    Domo cards can't natively combine two datasets into one card.


    One option would be to create a Magic dataflow to create a combined dataset with both measures:


    • sum up hours worked per day on the one dataset
    • sum up revenue per day on the other dataset
    • join the two aggregations together on the date column day

    If you have needs for more dimensionality like product line or employee making the sale, you'd probably want to make sure each aggregation includes identical elements.  Your correlation there will also be most informative if sales happen the same day the labor is performed.

    MajorDomo @ Merit Medical

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