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By default, DOMO pulls data for an entire website, and does not allow you to filter by page. However, I know it is possible to do so, but I don't know how to accomplish it. Has anyone gone through the process to set this up? The professional I talked to said she used MySQL to achieve this (something I don't know enough about for it to be useful).


  • The best practice for filtering by page is to pull in your data, then use magic ETL on the page column to filter to specific data. The connector does not filter to specific pages.

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    @kwlester, tagging you to check out scottjackon's reply. 

  • There are no page columns available in the GA Datasets. 


    How can we use Magic ETL to filter for specifc pages?

    An example of this would be very helpful.


    Any approaches/suggestions will be highly appreciated.

  • The GA Page column may not be available through default reports with the default GA connector.  Domo has a more advanced GA connector that is not turned on unless requested, but Support can get that spun up easily.  Using the custom report option with the advanced GA connector you can build your own reports from a number of measures and dimensions, like Page, then filter on those using Magic ETL, MySQL/Redshift dataflows, Beast Mode, Card & Page Analyzer, etc.

    Get a request in to Support to have that connector turned on for you.


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