Can I set alert on waterfall if leads are not where they should be at specific time of day?

I'd like to set an alert on our daily lead waterfall that notifies me if leads are not where they should be at a a specific time of day. Of course, without a time set, it will notify me every morning since leads have not yet ramped up.


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    Hi all,


    Can anybody help @nbolner with their question?


  • @nbolner i have a couple of ideas on how to help, but i want to get a little more information to make sure i'm on the right track. couple of questions:


    • what does the card look like you're using to set the alerts? can you post a screenshot? that would be helpful.
    • what data do you use to tell if your leads are where they should be or not? is it like a time difference between created datetime or something similar?
    • how often does your dataset update?


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    @nbolner, can you answer markdelorey's follow-up questions to better assist you? 

  • Good afternoon! Thank you for response. I've pasted an example of the graph. We have a daily lead goal and would like an alert sometime during the day if we haven't reached a certain percentage. Currently updates hourly. DOMOSample.png

  • Hmm. I'm not seeing an example of the graph. I see a yellow triangle in your post.


    Can you take a double check and see if the image was right?

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    @nbolner, tagging you in case you haven't seen markdelorey's reply. 

  • @nbolner: the card is showing up now. last week there was just a broken image link. must have been a problem with the dojo that was resolved.



    now that i see the chart, my understanding is that you want to set an alert to see if the blue line is above or below a certain threshold at a certain time of the day. is that correct?